TODD, USA, 2002

I like these kind of questions. First off, Yes if you drive a Renault in America, especially something like an R-16. You're a Strange person indeed.


Yes, it's about like driving a Trabbi in Europe, people look at you like you're

crazy, or they'll look at you like...what, you couldn't afford a "normal" car??

and an R-16 in the US is about as Common as say a Studebaker in France.


I wasn't old enough to remember the 60s but I'm sure the Renault was bought by people who wanted something Very unconventional, probably similar to who drives them today, someone who just can't own something "normal". When I drive my R 16 I just love the way I sink in to the seats, it's just SO comforatable, years ago when I had an R 16 my friends dubbed it the "Couch" and that's still pretty accurate today.


The only thing I don't like about it, is that spare parts are getting virtually

impossible to come by locally and there are None left in the local wrecking

yards, so I'm afraid if something major goes wrong with my car, Not me or anyone else will have the resources to repair it.


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