Hi from England
In the U.K. The R16 was bought new ,initially
by mainly well educated people ,like university professors and people who
appreciated the clever design,also by those who were not as conservative as
the average car buyer who bought say a Ford Cortina or Morris Oxford.Later
the purchaser base widened as the qualities of the car began to be more
widely appreciated.By the beginning of the 1970'sThe 16 was selling to
customers who had never before bought a foreign car or one with front wheel
drive.It gained a strong reputation for comfort, roadholding,practicality
and reliability.Although most company cars were of the traditional type,
some companies wanting to project an ultra modern image bought r16's for
their fleets..By the mid 80's the surviving 16's had become old' bangers'
,but now the few remaining cars are usually fondly remembered by those who
drove them years ago.The profile of those who actually run a 16 in 2002 are
split between those who have always run a 16 like myself and younger people
who have purchased one as their classic car.In the Bruno said in
France the 16 was a car that cut across class,it was bought by both workers
and bosses ,scientist's and showbusiness celebrities. Sorry for any poor
grammar or spelling as I am somewhat tired after a hard day at work.
Safe R16 driving
Richard.Allen Rothwell
Kettering England


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