Anyway, in SWEDEN the first owner of an R16 was often a highly technically

educated person who wanted the latest stuff. At least in the 60's and early

70's. Often these people moved on to BMWs, Jags and other high tech cars.

As the cars got older and changed owners it often became the cheap second

car, and were mistreated to death. Low rust resistance didn't help either

and the R16's of Sweden soon became popular at the junkyards.

Today when people talk about R16 it's either the first category, who

remembers the R16 as a very comfortable and advanced car for its time, or

the people who had it as a banger, remembering it as unrelieable heap of


Driving an R16 today is maybe considered odd, but not bad taste. There are

hardly no old bangers around and the few you see are regarded as collectors



Magnus Bjelk


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