My only experience as a youngster with any type of Renault at all was
back in the early 60s with a Dauphine. Mind you, I was living in the
USA and my father was a Buick salesman at the time, so it was regarded
by us all as a bit of a joke.
Years later, serving in the UK with the USAF, I bought a 4CV from a
shady sort down at the motor pool - I never got past sitting in it and
dreaming of being on the road before my Squadron Commander insisted that
I give it up.
My current ride, a 1975 R16TS, was sitting in a paddock alongside the
road I travel each day to work (I now reside in Australia), with a big
FOR SALE sign propped up against the grill. I patiently watched and
waited as the price noted thereon, dropped in increments from a very
optimistic $1500 to $500, at which point I stepped in and bought it.
I really had no idea at all what I was getting just looked to
me to be a small, 4-cylinder car that might be just right as a first car
for oldest daughter who was then approaching driving license age.
After researching the marque on the internet and giving it a thorough
clean and getting it prepared for the roadworthy certificate inspection,
my daughter made a brief noise which, loosely interpreted, indicated
that she might not be interested in this vehicle, and I jumped on the
opportunity to make it Dad's "project" car.
That was 20k km ago and I drive it anytime I am not riding my Harley,
which works out to be about once or twice each week; I use it anytime
it's bucketing rain in the morning, I have to carry something to work
that won't fit on the bike, or the kids have to be carted somewhere.
Currently, it goes shzshzshzshzshz whenever the clutch pedal is
depressed, clunka-clunka-clunka-clunka when I accelerate into a right
hand turn and rumble-rumble-rumble-rumble from the rear suspension when
I drive over bumps in the road. It reeks of fuel if I fill the petrol
tank to the top as there's a pinhole leak in the top of the tank - as
long as I keep the petrol level down, the Epoxy glue fix I made works.
The parking brake can't be used because the cable is frayed at the
bottom of the handle and jams on when you set it (I carry a brick in the
boot). Every couple of weeks or so, I have to get out my screw driver
and re-install the air cleaner on the carb where it keeps coming off.
The paint is peeling off the right, rear quarter panel from a bodgey
spray job sometime in its past. There are three points of rust I'm
watching, one at the front tip of the bonnet, another along the rocker
panel just behind the left front wheel and the third in the lower rear
portion of the driver's side rear door. Finally, just like a small male
dog, it leaves its mark (oil droppings) everywhere I park it.
So, it is without any real logic involved whatsoever that make the next,
totally inane statement; I like this car.
Cheers everybody,
Dennis Chester
Brisbane Australia

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