Unfortunately I can´t tell what it is to drive a car like the Renault
16 on Austrians mountain roads, because I just decided to buy one - I
still don´t have it, and I don´t have the faintest idea when it´ll be
back on the road after 10 years of standing in a gardener´s hall...

Well, my father also had 2 16´s, a L or GL of the sixties (I can´t
remember of the year, but it´s been silver), and a yellow TS of 1974,
with a black stripe on the side. It´s been the first car I ever
started (without my father knowing it, in the garage!!!), on which I
learned the feeling for accelerator and clutch, and so on. My father
lost it in an accident, but it also had a lot of rust everywhere.

Now when you talk to people in my father´s age (around, 50 or 60)
everybody has had a 16, or one of his or her family or friends. Half
are pleased, and talk about comfort, the other half talks about

I hope to give you more im´pression when "my" car will be on the road

Best regards from Ausria, in the heart of Europe


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