THE POST (April 2002)

Hello everybody


in this group, there is usually questions about mechanic.

Well, it's useful, I suppose. I leave in France (Brittany) and I can

still find a good professional who knows the Renault 16 and can

repair it. No problem with my car...


I would like to ask you very special questions: what does it

mean in your country to drive such a car ? Is it cheap ? Is it a

crazy thing to do ? Is it weird like driving a Traban in west Europe

? And what does it mean to you when you're sitting in it ? Do you

feel the stress flowing out of your body ? Last but not least, what

place had the Renault 16 in your country in the sixties and seventies

? Was it the car of the modern man ? Was it the car of the suburbs ?

Was it the car of the family with no money ? Was it an exotic car ?


I'm interested in this because I think we can find a lot of

signs in every human choice. Asking you this is for me trying to

understand how this car is seen out of France, what it figures in

other cultures.

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